Weekly Schedule

Sunday, July 23 

  9:45 am  Sunday School

11:00 am  Worship Service 

  5:00 pm  Movie Night


Monday, July 24 

  7:15 pm  Men’s Bible Study 


Tuesday, July 25 

   9:30 am  and 6:30 pm

 Girlfriend’s Bible Study

   6:30 pm “Youth on the Edge”

  Bible Study      


Wednesday, July 26 

  5:45 pm  Dinner

  6:30 pm  Business Meeting 


Thursday,  July 27 

  6:00 pm  Recovery in Christ 


Sunday, July 30 

   9:45 am  Sunday School

11:00 am  Worship Service

  No Evening Services


Deacon  of the Week 

July    2   Lance Kisamore

July    9   Richard Harriss

July  16   Robert Follin

July  23   Ken King

July  30   Jerry Ulmer


Nursery This Week Sunday School

M. & T. Beasley/Danielle Willis

Nursery This Week Worship

Jenelle Grooms and Elise Gorman


Nursery July 30 Sunday School

M.&T. Beasley/Need Volunteer

Nursery Next Week - Worship

Richard Harriss and Carol Brown