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Thanksgiving Tradition And Family

At the dinner table, all circled round;
Our Grandma and Grandpa, Momma and Dad.
All of us children so ready to eat;
A Thanksgiving feast, like we've never had.
Grandpa gives thanks for all the years gone by;
For all his children and the pumpkin  pie.
For Grandma's love and all her faithful care;
Then  tears fall from  my grandmas eyes.
Grandma chimes in with her words very wise;
With thanks to the Lord for all He provides.
Mamma leans over to give her a hug;
And the love echoes  -  from every side.
Then daddy prays  a Thanksgiving prayer;
With warmth and love from the depths of His soul.
For the food, and all of God's many blessings;
Then the food comes  around, " please pass the rolls."
Green beans, potatoes and corn on the cob;
Turkey with stuffing and giblet gravy.
Washing the dishes and watching football;
Thanksgiving tradition and family.
Thanksgiving day is a very good day;
A  day of praise , a day of  memories.
A day to cherish most faithfully;
Because we are blessed, because we  are free.
The  main  reason is because  God is good;
And that He watches over us with heed.
Just as He watches over each sparrow;
And gives life to a newly planted seed.

Susan Y Nikitenko
November 12th, 2012 



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